What happens if you have a fake passport

What is Passport Fraud?

Passport fraud is a federal crime and not one taken lightly by the U.S. government. Passport fraud is an illegal means by when an individual gains citizenship in another country by forging a passport or falsifying other legal documents to obtain a passport.

Since August 2007, the U.S. has been issuing only e-passports, which have a computer chip embedded in the back cover containing a digital photograph and other biometric information.  Although some technology experts say this information is easy to copy, this technology should reduce future forgery.

Passport fraud crimes include:

  • Issuance by a Consular Officer without Authority;
  • False Use of Passport;
  • Misuse of Passport;
  • Safe Conduct Violation; and
  • Fraudulent Obtaining of Visas and other Entry Documents.

How are Passports Typically Forged?

There are numerous ways to forge a passport to gain entry into the United States. A forger may steal a passport, then erase and reprint information. A passport forger might also obtain a passport with a pre-printed number but no biographical information from a corrupt government official at a U.S. embassy.

A passport forger may also obtain a valid US passport by using a fraudulent name and other information. Furthermore, a forger could steal a valid U.S. Passport and assume that person’s identity.
However, with increased security measures it’s becoming harder to successfully forge a passport..

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